Product Description

To help with an emergency, whether at home or while traveling

  1. Preparing plans for family safety
  2. Preparation of a family communications plan
  3. Create an emergency supply kit
  4. Know about emergency shelter and evacuation plans
  5. Caring for all aspects of recovery;: safety, mental and physical well-being
  6. Caring for pets
  7. Planning for those with special needs
  8. Considerations for children
  9. Protect and preserve critical documents
  10. Help organizing critical documents for quick retrieval or long-term storage
  11. Help recovering critical documents if lost or destroyed
  12. Travel privacy assistance
    • Domestic and international assistance if critical documents like passports, credit cards, visas or tickets are stolen or lost
    • Fraud specialists to help facilitate communications and the secure transmission of emergency funds by business associates or family members
  13. Address Change
    • Notify relevant parties
    • Post-move credit file review for fraudulent activity


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