Product Description

Providing Fraud Resolution Services to help protect your family’s online presence and to reduce the impact of fraud.  BeneTechs advocates help with:

  1. Professional and compassionate fraud resolution for identity theft, account takeover, and credit card fraud
  2. Contact with credit bureaus, collection agencies, creditors, law enforcement and government agencies
  3. Facilitate appropriate fraud alerts and freezes
  4. Social media and mobile device services
    • Help purge inappropriate online information
    • Suggest ways to protect your identity while participating in social media
    • Help protect sensitive information on mobile devices
    • Assist in dealing with cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying
  5. Spousal Estate Services upon the passing of a spouse
  6. Implement proactive measures to protect the families of our deployed military personnel
  7. Targeted fraud protection services for minor children
  8. Credit file review prior to marriage
  9. Divorce assistance with credit files and name reinstatement
  10. Home or auto break-in claims protection from subsequent fraud as a result of stolen documents


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