Product Description

To reduce your exposure to and recovery from a breach of your computer system

  1. Cyber Security Planning – an end-to-end solution addressing the 5 phases of protection: Awareness/Education, Protection, Incident Response, Resolution, and Post Resolution; across the three dimensions of people, process, and technology
  2. Incident Response Services –
    • Breach assessment and consultation services, creation of an appropriate and compliant response, manage notification to all parties
    • Fraud services – unlimited access to fraud specialists, distribution of credit monitoring services, Interactions with Credit Reporting agencies and law enforcement
    • Facilitation – media plan creation and interaction with the press, creation of secure web portals, periodic reporting
  3. Responding to a cyber breach
    • Assessment and consultation – if a breach is suspected contact BeneTechs immediately
    • Appropriate notification –  assistance in drafting the notification letters to affected parties
    • Fraud resolution and direct customer interaction – our fraud specialists will take calls from individuals receiving a notification letter
  4. Additional Services – creation of a media action plan to coordinate press releases and address media inquiries; breach experts will work with your staff if regulatory authorities mandate interaction.


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